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Oh, alright, it mean western media does not changed their position.

Russian point of view is pretty passionate. Media says about those "American puppets" like Saudi Arabia (that always was source of Islamic extremism) and Qatar now provides huge support for the USA and NATO to destroy any opposition of their in Muslim world. Russian media says and show actual videos that is about lot of foreign mercenaries and terrorists now fighting against Syrian Government and Syrian Army. Damn, they said even about Chechen terrorists who is still survived, now fights against Syria! One Russian volunteer said he killed 2 of them yesterday and asked why doesn't Russia send UAVs and strike aviation into Syria to support locals to fight terrorists back. People seems very outraged with lying position of those so called "Friends of Syria" who said about terrorists as about "only legal Government of Syria" and especially about the United States that prepares themselves to provide a military operation against Assad. Also there's said about those economy and financial troubles of America when the United States rapidly looses their hegemony, already standing on edge of collapse because of huge debt and uncontrolled financial structures (well, we everybody know that Federal Reserve doesn't belongs to US Government and American people, it's private structure that fraudulently occupied right on printing of USD and killing American democracy in fact). It echoes with wish of Russian civilization to reunite (at least we have to talk about re-union of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan), when Washington's officials directly lies about it, saying it is "resurrection of the Soviet Union", "creation of Putin's USSR-2" and "rise of imperial ambitions of Moscow", while it has nothing common to the reality. We are same people, same folk, same nation, same civilization, so we simply have no reason to live in many different states, with separated economies, different currencies and laws, many armies, so we here wishing to reunite all of them into one. It is not rebuilding of the USSR, it's just restoration of our country. Not less, not more. But it frights US Government who doesn't wants to see Russian space united and strong, doing everything to don't let it happen, and it being understood in Russia as direct hostility and wishing to exterminate Russian civilization. So people already says about "time to bleed nose of those uncle Sam a little to wean him intrude into not of his business". Well, of cause, there's also much being said about "ban dirty green paper in Russia", "never buy US bonds anymore", "no collaboration to those terrorists supporters in Washington".

Why do i writing this? I'm really afraid those situation around Syria can became last drip that overflow "the jar of patience" of Russians, and then NATO will face not Kremlin rage, but rage of Russian people. I'm afraid even to think about the consequences.

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