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More questions.

Is it possible to have a cape as removeable headgear (doesn't need to be animated or anything), and also have some sort of veil or face mask included with it (like

Can a winding staircase, bridge, or multiple levels be done on a KotOR map, or does the programming/map layout not like that?

Can the game be modded so that it doesn't end after the Star Forge (for the interest of after story stuff)?

Could Mission use a short Double-bladed Lightsaber hilt, as her frame is smaller than everyone else.

Can a child frame be modded to work properly (tried to use one, but the animations didn't work)?

Could people mind overly much if Mission, Dustil, Belaya (Juhani's Jedi friend), Thalia May (leader of the renegade students on Korriban), and maybe some other characters were done by some different voiceactors (I ask because I'm working on some extra stuff to do with them, and people might find the new voices jarring).

Is the any mods that do a back story for Sion? Or is that free game?

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