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Originally Posted by bunjeeman View Post
Can a winding staircase, bridge, or multiple levels be done on a KotOR map, or does the programming/map layout not like that?

Can the game be modded so that it doesn't end after the Star Forge (for the interest of after story stuff)?
As the first question, there were the ramps on citadel station...

On the second one, you might check the dialogue file between Revan and Malak at the last fight. I would be willing to believe that the script that fires(on the end conversation, or last node) and that script should set a few globals and play movies, after which it returns to the main menu.

If you wanted to extend the game, I'd suggest that you simply make a new scriptEDIT:(with the same name as the original endgame script)END EDIT: that meets the following criteria:

1. Plays the end-game movies based on alignment
2. Doesn't return the player to the main menu(I believe there's a function for that)
3. Proceed to make your extra content and activate it.*/**

*Make a dialogue to return to the Ebon Hawk and then start a cutscene. At the end fire the movies for the endgame, and return to the Ebon Hawk and update the journal.

**I'd suggest that you just replace the last script with a script that warps you back to the Star Forge Hangar and you enter the ship. This would allow for those alternate endings that were "restored".

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