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Coruscant Entertainment Center

The Promise
Chevron 7 locke

No specific era given: An atypical Sith is rushed to a medical center

The author has done the one thing I wish more writers would; looked at the Sith as if they were just a faction, and not a mass of sociopaths.

The treatment of the Sith throughout most of the Genre reminds me more of the mirror world created in Star Trek with the ISS Enterprise, people who are sadistic and brutal because they want to be rather than through any logical creation of a parallel universe.

It is the same way every society treats an enemy in war time; assuming them guilty of every crime known to man. If you remember movies of WWII during and from the actual war era, you see men in parachutes shot up by fighters, lifeboats being machine gunned, people butchered in the most brutal fashion in pretty much a regular basis, but the war had so few actual incidents that they could almost be defined as the wartime equivalent of urban legends.

Thorüsa: The Worth of Vengeance

Medieval fantasy tale: Chapter six of an ongoing work, the heroine's guide has to stop long enough for a little gloating

An interesting chapter in that the spirits seem to be stopped by material barriers in some cases; the larger demons unable to get to their next victim while the heroine and her companion are able to use a rat hole to enter. Also that for some reason The still living woman can hear and see the companion. Since this victim is the one who caused the death of her companion, I can understand his desire for a little payback before going on...

An Unavoidable Path

Post TSL: The Exile considers his next task; following Revan

The piece is an excellent division of what he must do and what is expected of him. The author takes the character through every bit of the logical thought process necessary from the sheer impossibility of his quest through emotional relationships he isn't willing to admit to, onto what would happen if he failed.

The only negative I have is a constant one; a ship does not have rooms; it has compartments.

One Down Three to Go
Cable Fraga

Post TSL: As he searches for the Exile, Atton considers what brought him to this point

The idea that the old standbys for entertainment in his mind, drinking and cards no longer moves him is good. A sign of maturity we don't expect to see in Atton. This piece suggests that what is called the Unknown Regions of the galaxy are a lot larger than the map from the original Star Wars, which is a logical assumption. There are still places on our own home world that can be defined as 'Terra Incognita even today.

However the idea that some ancient surveying organization marked four distinct places as 'you can't go any further' was a bit much.

The Corner
Kendoka Girl

KOTOR on Korriban: Dustil must take that final step

The piece has all of the self doubt you would expect when someone has to go against what he believes. The only negative I had with the piece was who is this Lorna? The girlfriend the Sith has gotten rid of was named Selene.

Lies Never Told

KOTOR aboard Endar Spire: Trask completes his last assignment

The piece is a shortened and pretty much generic retelling of the events from the start of the game to when Trask faces off with the Dark Jedi. By changing the focus of the game to Trask, he does come a bit more into focus, but he still is a colorless man, with only his devotion to duty, and the regret that he failed in keeping a promise to his wife in sharp relief.

Advice from a Homicidal Droid

KOTOR on Tatooine: There are times when you don't ask HK for advice...

The author is self denigrating, and I agree that while it had a touch of the Hitchhiker's Guide, it really didn't fit. But funny it was.

The piece showcases HK's standard attitudes. I'm just surprised that the author missed the second definition of discrete; Consisting of unconnected distinct parts, as in several discrete bullet holes.

The definition of love HK used was choice, and the funniest part is the being he is speaking to uses it exactly.

Soul Of Genius

One year post TSL: While the Republic struggles to rebuild, Revan and the Exile continue with their mission

The piece is a first attempt at the author's admission. As a first attempt it is well written if a bit bland. There is nor real additional characterization done, but the description of the 'rebel' base is intriguing.

Leave it to Jinart!

Set during Republic Commando Hard Target: A shapeshifter has a run in with some pesky Commandos...

With only 2000+ words, I had a chance to read them all, and the work is funny. The creature deals with them by adjusting the form to match things that are innocuous, but not without problems. At one time having a commando sit on it, then relieving his bladder on it.

Trying to Forget

Several years Post KOTOR: Revan thinks of what might have been

The piece is a sad introspective. After losing her child by Carth, and her eventual return to the Republic, she still wishes the daughter she had not had would have survived.

The Shadows of the Rim
Saber Girls

Two years post TSL: A new threat looms

We know from comments made that Revan and the Exile are out here somewhere, but in what I read (Opening crawl and Steel Vultures) you haven't seen them yet. However the salvage girl with her plucky attitude and small ship was immediately interesting. The author has considered the problems of such a small operation from using a droid as her remaining 'crew' to what she can harvest for sale because of the ship's size.

Just from what I read about her I wished for more time.

Pick of the Week

Star Wars Revenge of the Sith
Vader's Apprentice

AU Star Wars during ROTS: With Kenobi dead and the Emperor dead, Vader now rules.

Improper word usage and grammar. It's there instead of their, and cracked instead of crack. This is an editing problem, as is forgetting quotation marks and conversation breaks.

An interesting take on the end of the game and the possible outcome, but I have a few quibbles. As often as dead Sith Lords try to turn those who follow, it is sort of closer to a demonic possession situation here. If such did happen the voice of the possessor would not usually be used; the reason they do it in movies is so the audience knows what has happened

A Week Ago In A Certain Videogame Not So Far Away
Magistra Nocte13

TSL: The Exile is suddenly saddled with two teenage girls. Be afraid, be very afraid...

Remember conversation breaks. The first work was confusing enough without that. It got worse when we had three talking instead of just two.

That said, I wish the author had gone on with it. The soap opera like questions at the end cracked me up. Do you want my advice? Eat the sandwich and space the kids.

Pick of the week

Malak The Meatbag

Supposedly pre Mandalorian wars, quibble below: Malak and HK have a real hate-hate relationship

Remember conversation breaks. Without them a reader can be quickly confused.

The piece had it's moments of humor, though I enjoyed the profile of the author more, especially the comments on being flamed because he doesn't write the characters the way others perceive them. The author is correct that as fan fiction, he can do what he wants, and we can all go hang. As someone who used my own version of the Exile in a story here, and was accused of making a Mary Sue in the process, I agree with this author.

The quibble is, why would a Jedi who has not yet fallen create such a homicidal-droid?

'To argue with those who have renounced the use and authority of reason is as futile as to administer medicine to the dead.' Now who said that?

From the one who brought you;
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