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LukA_YJK, well, of cause you right from certain point of view, but anyway it doesn't changes my position generally. You know, i visited Sevastopol in last autumn (my friend who with i served in same platoon now living there), and i saw there people just on edge of mass riots and protests against independence of the Ukraine. Russian (and sometimes Soviet) flags there are everywhere, on every house, on every building. People draw "Three-color" Russian flag on their cars (pfff... sometimes they draws Hammer and Circle, you know...), draw it on walls of buildings, that ones who dare to try speak in those so called "movah" (well, you maybe know, it is those "language of westerners", that more looks Polish being written by Cyrillic symbols, that now being said as "true Ukrainian language") being obstructed. People directly says "Украине - НЕТ, ЮЗФО - ДА" (Юго-Западный Федеральный Округ; "Ukraine - NO, SWFD - YES, South-Western Federal District (of Russia)" - comment for our English-speaking friends) and they really wants to rejoin to Russia back. Same situation i saw in Donetsk, in Kharkiv, in Lugansk. I saw it in Odessa when we visited it with my friend together.

When i said about us as about same folk and same civilization, i mentioned exactly core of Russian civilization that is located on territory of currently of three different states - Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. We have no one reason to live in different states and we will imminently rejoin these 3 countries into one. What about Middle Asian ex-Soviet Republics, well, everything depends on wish of people there. If they wants to live independently, then they are welcome. If they wants to rejoin to Russia back... well, we will see is it possible or not.

About problems in Chechnya... well, i never told there's no problems. Of cause, there's yet much do be done, but anyway, problems there is not a reason to cut away own head and scream "It's all over, it's hopeless". Those statement about "Russia feeds Caucasus" i personally treat as delirium, because of Russia has another subsidized regions where much more of funds being invested. It's absolutely normal practice in any country, and let's don't walk long for an example. Look on the United States, for example. People in Texas now shouts "Enough to feed Washington". Is it problem? Yes. Is it catastrophe? No. And also i'd say these problems with Chechnya in modern Russia are very overestimated. Some media shows it like "national disaster" of Russia, while it's not like that. You know, i working for more than 10 years already, now operate with two bushiness, and i never had troubles with organized crime, and especially with Chechens.

About Iran... why do you think it should attack Azerbaijan? Yes, of cause i know about huge population of ethnic Azerbaijanians in Iran, but i was always thought it is good reason for friendship and good relations between Iran and Azerbaijan, not a war! Am i wrong?

And about those radar in Gabalah. You know, i'm not a specialist in this question, but i heard something like "Russia doesn't needs those old station anymore". Radar there is obsolete, Russia now have more advanced, powerful, compact and mobile versions of it, so Daryal-class stations become "technological yesterday". I'm really ensured that Russia just has no right to leave Azerbaijan alone, but... time will tell how will it be. Me and you, we don't know exactly what happening there around those station. Officials says there will be enough of station in Armavir to watch for flying objects in sky over Persian Gulf, but abandoning of Azerbaijan is wrong move anyway.

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