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Knights of the Old Republic III : The Jedi Masters 2.0 (beta)

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What is this?
The Jedi Masters is a conversion mod for Kotor2. Call it a 'total conversion mod' if you like, I quite like 'story conversion mod'.

This will fully mod The Sith Lords and so that it can be played as a completely new story.

This is a Knights of the Old Repubilic 3?

Sort of. This was started many years ago when any sequel for The Sith Lords seemed very unlikely. It acts as a continuation of the kotor storyline, and as such, like a kotor3. It should also be noted that that since work on this began before most of them, this does not accept The Old Republic MMORPG, the Kotor comic, or books, as having happened.

How long is it?

When I recently did a full playthrough (that is, playing the main story and every subquest I could) it took me about 12 hours.

What are it's features?

TJM is 100% voiced. It includes reused and retextured modules from TSL, but also enirely new ones built from scratch.

There are many different planets to explore, and companions to gain. There are multiple endings depending on your choices, and romance options for both male and female characters. There are Jedi paths and dark side paths.

There is even a shapeshifting Jawa!

For more information, I have prepared a basic wiki for the mod.

As the title states, this is not the final version just yet. This is a beta. That means there will be some issues to solve, but it is still very playable. I encourage anyone who plays this version to be prepared just in case a crash occurs. I have played it several times myself now, so I can guarantee it's possible to reach the end.

If you play and find any bugs, please post about them in this thread or the WIP so that I may correct them.

Read enough? Here's the download link!

Super important note : This mod may replace many things in your override folder. I suggest making a copy of it if you want to keep your current mods for use later.

Installation instructions :

Download the exe and extract it's contents to your SWKotor2 folder. To uninstall, find TJM from your start menu and select the uninstall option.

Alternatively, you can download the two zips and extract everything to the correct folders yourself.

To play, simply start up Kotor 2 : TSL normally then select new game. You'll know if it's worked as the launcher and main game menu will have changed.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask and I'll answer as best as I can.

Final words : Feedback is great, but I'm not looking for any suggestions on how to expand the mod further. However, if you want to mod the mod yourself, please go ahead, although ask for permission first.

If you want to knwo if another mod is compatible with this one, PM me and I'll try and give you an answer.

PLAY THE TOTAL CONVERSION MOD NOW! . | If you're interested, my almighty fanfic can be read here.

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