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been following this mod for along time & ROR also very excited to play a polished version of this mod, will be my favotite christmas present. ive been playing the mmo the old republic, what i really wanted was kotor 3 so TJM and ROR might be the closest thing we may get. I want to thank trex and logan for making two incredible mods for us.

p.s. just a helpful hint thats been working for me with big mods like (Tjm) & (Ror) making two override folders is a good idea, i took it a step further and have a cd version and a steam version of the game. It prevents things in other folders from getting messed up like modules, movies, lips, etc. you can pick kotor 1 or 2 for $10.00 each on steam. it usually installs to C:\programfiles\steam\steamapps\common thanks again looking foward to final version.
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