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Thanks MM for the reply.

I didn’t read the entire post after confirming it wasn’t another speed glitch.

Thanks for the confirmation.

After checking the control settings it actually turned out I was pressing the wrong key to take the grinder (duh!). On my version I always use “Enter” but for the grinder you have to press Plus or P.

And I also half expected to drive the bone wagon through the tunnel entrance and into a maze at that point. I thought one of the characters mentioned something about it.

I also expected the “Monster” to be a little Chihuahua or a mouse or something that only “sounds” terrifying .

Anyway, finished the game and Wow! Very cool! Was so glad to see that mural finally completed!

I was just going to mention to anyone interested, if you like this game I can recommend another similar one (only a bit darker) called Still Life 2 which I played once because it was only 5 bucks at office max, but it was awesome. Very similar in a lot of ways with a definite art-thing happening there. By a French company IIRC, was hard to get it to run right but it was well worth it.
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