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Originally Posted by edlib View Post
That's true... but up to this point we haven't even had an honest national conversation about what's happening,.. let alone made any kind of an effort to start working towards solutions.
What do you mean? There have been a lot of gun control debates and gun laws passed in this country. There have also been discussions about school violence, particularly since Columbine. And there have been definite changes. I remember that when I was in high school, anyone could just walk in the building. Now the doors are locked and you can't get in without identifying yourself and having your reason for being there verified.

I don't think there are easy answers or complete solutions... but I also don't think that doing absolutely nothing at all towards trying to change the situation is ever going to improve things either.
Every time something like this happens, we all want to start thinking about how we can stop it from ever happening again. But I don't think we can. Unless every step we take is constantly monitored and controlled. And I don't want to live in that world.

A school shooting (or any public violent act) is a tragedy, but it's not exactly an epidemic. This isn't happening every day. To be honest, I don't really think our laws on this or the policies of our schools are defective. If we want it to happen even less, the changes have to come at a personal level - we have to strive to be a virtuous society that produces virtuous people, and we aren't exactly doing that now.
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