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Yeah I understand that too, which is one of the reasons I'm not so hopeful. To be honest I'm not sure they'll even include them at all. I know they promised them, but with staffing changes and the cuts... I think the reason they're avoiding actually saying it is because there are people who enjoy the story elements and would end up quitting over SGRAs. I personally wouldn't, I enjoy the mechanics of FPs and I love tanking and healing. I would just be majorly disappointed. Especially considering Juhani and Belaya, that male/male Mando relationship (can't remember their names). I mean I know it is obviously rare in the SW universe, but it still happens. It'd be nic to experience everything in the universe that goes on (in that time period anyway).

On another note, I wish it wasn't an all new companion thing. I like Vector and Torian... I wish my Cipher Nine and Grand Champion could romance them, respectively. Vector's my favorite companion in game, then it's Jaesa... let's face it, that insane bitch is hot whether you're gay, straight or bi. XD (I was disappointed in Ashara who claimed to be both Sith and Jedi, but she served the light side only).

Oh don't get me wrong, I'm patient as well, but honestly I'm not sure Makeb is gonna live up to the standards people are expecting.... even if it does, no one will get to explore it really. I figure the Harbinger will **** down... again... when we have people return. It's saddening, but I fear I'm gonna have to migrate to a different server just to be able to play.

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