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Gladly, I'll just pull it up here and make a YT vid...Oh what the ****?

*10 minutes pass, a reload and re-log in later*

Not sure what got changed in my system but I sure haven't done anything to the isn't working anymore for whatever reason. Sorry about this, I'm going to have to resolve it on my own time and I'm a bit preoccupied atm.

IIRC the particular one was some kind of intercom effect panel. Can't remember if it was listed or if I found it independently...

Audacity has a plugins library on its own page.

That should get you started. There are more plugins than are listed in the library, of which I'm sure the folks there (and of course, here) would appreciate being notified.

As to doing the voice, depends on your pitch and voice range. Suppose you could post up a YT clip of your best attempt and I could try to tell you how close I think you are (or aren't) to it.

There is a clip of the same actor doing the voice for HK-47 once again for SWTOR.

My voice is midrange, somewhat on the deeper end.
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