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Spare Belaya

Hello again. I've been wondering for some time now why the dark side option with Juhani leaves you so screwed over (one person short with crew). So, I've come up with an idea; replace Juhani with Belaya, while keeping the LS/DS option open (you can turn her back to the light or leave her dark).
So, here it is as I wrote it out in my 'Mod Ideas' folder (I have some more ideas like this, but I'm still ironing them out and drwing up an armor suit for one of them).

Belaya, Consular
If you kill Juhani, and then go to Korriban, instead of just killing the fallen Belaya, you take her in. There is no option to kill her.
Backstory disscussions; (Note: is it possible, that if you degrade her and yet are light, she goes dark, and vice versa (you build her up, and are dark, she goes light)?)
1 She and Juhani were friends for a long time.
2 She had started to have feelings for her, hence her hatred for the player.
3 There was a rift between her and Juhani, and Belaya fears that is what sent Juhani down the dark path.
4 The rift was caused by jealousy; she overheard Dak and Juhani before Dak left, and a feeling of possessiveness flared up in her.
5 NOTE: this part can happen at any time (and Belaya must be in the party); Korriban. They meet Dak, and Belaya nearly loses it. LS, you restrain her and Dak leaves (same as if Juhani were alive). DS, you let her attack him (I am undecided as to have him die or not).
6 This happens after the leviathan. You convince Belaya to go to either the Light or Dark side (finding out that she has been travelling with Revan will be quite a turning point).
7 Lehon. Light Belaya tries to kill you if you go dark, dark Belaya tries to kill you if you go light.
Lines in battle: “*shout*” “Be still.” “You shall fall!”

Right, there it is.
For this to be as good as possible, a voice actor will be needed. I know that might be a stretch for something that's only been put up as a suggestion, but it's a fact that alien speech or no speech at all is annoying with a character that came with a voice.
I'd also like it if the disscussions have more than two options per player dialogue. I don't want complexity, as many lines with other NPC's get the same response, but still.
If you want to take this up, let me know, as there are a few things about Belaya's personality that I would like to sort out.

It is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.
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