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Well that would leave you with needing to re-record Dak's lines as well. Although, if you leave her DS or change her to LS, then why would you change your mind about your own alignment so late in the game? lol I'd say she's non-hostile no matter what, much like Canderous Ordo... he's a Darksider but he would follow Revan to hell and back before finding out he's Revan. He would attack Bastila if he was able to go in there with Revan and he'd attack Jolee/Juhani if he follwed Revan into the Temple (if it were possible for him to). Belaya (in my opinion) should stick with Revan no matter what his/her final decision is. I also feel that changing her alignment would be unnecessary. She is Sith after Juhani's death...

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