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Impressions of The Jedi Masters (So far)

Read on with caution, for there are spoilers for these following planets: Dxun, Onderon, Etti IV, Ship Wreckage, Aperture Facility.

I'm going to compile a fairly large list listing of what I liked and didn't like, with also the bugs that I found during my playthrough. First off let me start by saying... Wow. You weren't lying about this mod's quality and length; it really does feel like an extension of KOTOR 2 and at 6 hours, I'm not even halfway through it.


The voice acting: On some of the main characters it is phenomenal. I love Kannos so much, his attitude, voice and personality really make him a compelling character. Now Kreia was a real stand out. Huge props to whoever did that amazing impersonation of her. Loved the throw back lines to TSL as well. A large mention to the son of Mandalore, his accent and wanting to prove himself made him quite likable.

The unique quests: On the first trials of Freedon Nadd I loved the philosophical take on things. The little side quests on Etti IV were great as well, I loved deciding on who to give the boarding pass to just as I loved forcing a Twilek onto my ship. Which brings me to my next point...

THE EAGLE: This ship is simply amazing. It is incredible and I don't even recognise some of the modules it is composed of. A huge feature that made me very happy was that on completion of some of the side quests, the people actually appear on your ship and are interactable. The size is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand the sheer immensity makes you very proud to be at his helm, with very detailed rooms and on the other hand it makes finding new crew members very tiresome.

The Retextures: While I have yet to experience some of the new modules you have created, Trex, Etti IV had a very unique look even though in some areas (Residential Area) it was glaringly obvious it was from Telos. The Eagle looks very futuristic and unique as well.

Returning Party Members: The reveal of Kreia was shocking to say the least but also made a lot of sense and was frankly quite epic . It was nice to see the Exile return and the voice acting did our character justice. Also seeing Atton brought a smile to my face and he sounded similar to how he did before but with a more of a mature perspective.

The main storyline: From what I've seen... brilliant. I can definitely seeing this as being a possibility to the events after KOTOR 2 and there are no plot holes, retconning or simplistic events either.

THE JAWA: Ootata brings such a unique fighting style to the party. Its an absolute joy to turn into a Rancor and force lightning a mercenary .


The computer generated voices: Most of these really irk me and take me away from the immersive experience. Notable examples are HK-47, HK-50, The Shadow (an interesting character such as this needs a good voice!) some of the quest givers, Tsig (although I have a feeling this will be explained later) and the Mandalorians (I really miss there harsh British accents in the old TSL camp).

So I guess the positives far outweigh the negatives. But you could count some of these bugs as negatives...


Crashed on arrival to Rhen Var (haven't tried again though).

Lip-syncing is a bit off 40 percent of the time.

Grammar and English issues in some parts of the script (if you are foreign, disregard this because you do better than some of our native speakers :P).

Transport blue lines to some modules (notably on Etti IV) don't work until I speak to one of the company guards.

Kind of not really a bug, but some dialogue lines are really quiet so that I can barely hear them.

List of favourite to least favourite planets/locations (so far)

Etti IV
The Eagle
Tomb of Freedon Nadd
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