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DS walkthrough

I'm following the DS walkthrough and I'm at Nar Shaddaa. I just did the Broken Airspeeder quest according to the following:

"Bao-Dur - Influence Decrease - In the Serroco part of the Refugee Quad, you will find the now infamous Broken Airspeeder. While repairing it, you will have This will provide you with the last influence decrease necessary to train Bao-Dur to become a Jedi (Bao-Dur: 10)."

However, I just talked to Bao-Dur and while he asked me about the war a few times, it stopped short of turning him to a Jedi. Have I missed something? Is the X-box version broken as far as this? Or should there be something after the "you will have" and before "This will provide" that would show what I should have done?
(Yes, I am trying to do the Airspeeder quest without the patch, I figured a few LS points from Lasavvou would be a small price to pay to turn Bao-Dur into a Jedi)
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