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I have found a rather huge glaring bug which doesn't allow me to play the game :\.

First of all I finished the end of the Shadow's side quest and received the data from the computer which we then rigged to explode... Then I load up on a planet called Jannack. WTF.

I then manage to make my way back to the landing pad but not before I accidentally pick up a quest in the future, to then return to Coruscant and for the 4th time crash trying to get to the Main Street. I've only been able to get to that part ONCE with a lot of restarting and atm I'm very stuck.

Also the ship parts are found in these locations, Col Zech:

One of them is from the shuttle you crashed on, return through the cave.

One is where you first find the Shadow in the Jungle Depths. It is on his speeder.

One is in the second part of the Mandalorian camp, it is a Star Map and was previously barricaded.

The other one you find from Ootata the Jawa who is somewhere in the first layer of the Jungle.

After you have all those return to the Sith tomb and Ootata should be there. Converse with him to start building your ship (spoiler: IT IS MAGNIFICENT).
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