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Tried half of this.
WHOEVER voiced Kannos, Exile,Kreia and some others secondary characters - you did a FANTASTIC JOB! I'm your fan from this moment and happy knowing that among Star Wars fans there such a talanted voice actors!
Shame that the CORE characters like Revan, Bastila, and others like Supreme Chancellor and scientist was voiced in such a POOR way..., by people with speech impediments. When i first heared Bastila's monologue, i was crying, literally...And when met Revan and discovered that legendary general has a voice of 13 y.0. teenager, my whole epic impression was complitely smashed....
Nevertheless, Trex. You did AMAIZING job - to handle such amaunt of work yourself it's something that realy deserves admiration! I realy HOPE that developing of this mod will never stop on this point, and there will be "Jedi Masters 3.0" Also suggesting you to open donation pool, i'm sure that lot's of true fans of KotOR will help you to bring this mod on entirely new level!
Thank you again, Trex! And May the Forve be with you

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