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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic III

Hi, I'm new here. **** canon and **** BioWare and their MMO.

I loved Knights I & II and I signed up to share my story idea for Knights III. I'd set it two years after Knights II. The only way my story idea could work is if the new PC becomes more powerful than Revan and the Exile, though. Furthermore, the developers would have to forget the MMO ever happened.

Anyway, about two thirds or three quarters into the game, the main character unlocks the navicomputer of the Ebon Hawk with T3-M4's help. This leads him or her to the unknown regions, where a civil war among the Sith is taking place.

If Revan and the Exile are set to light side, they're pretending to be Sith. If they're dark side, they're Sith Lords trying to become the new emperor. If one is light side and the other is dark side, the light sider pretends to go along with the dark sider.

The emperor wins the civil war and takes Revan and the Exile as prisoners, to lure out the new PC and his or her companions. The emperor takes most of his forces to Coruscant, for the final battle against the remaining Jedi, Mandalorians, Republic troops and HK-52 droids.

The new PC frees Revan and the Exile from their prison cells. They go to Coruscant and help the resistance destroy the emperor and his forces. If Revan and the Exile are set to light side, they have become consumed by the power of the dark side. The dark side controls the force user, not the other way around.

So regardless of the PC's alignment, Revan's alignment and the Exile's alignment, there will be a confrontation at the end. If the PC is light side, he or she can redeem them. If the PC is dark side, he or she must kill them to become the new Sith emperor, as they are a threat to his or her power.

The end.
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