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Thanks for the fix on Shadow's quest, Trex!

So far, other problems noticed:

- During the "Mayor's deputy" quest, a Kreia line was voiced when one of the candidates was talking.
- On Dxun, I wasn't paying attention to the map and because my path wasn't quite "obstructed" enough, I was able to run down all the way to the Ebon Hawk before realizing my mistake. That's hardly a problem with the mod, though (more an issue of my observation skills!).
- The map in the caves on Dxun still has a Korriban marker (Valley of the Dark Lords).


On a more upbeat note (no one wants to have 50 problems pointed out to them with no positives), I'm quite enjoying the game so far. The plot is good, the characters interesting. Kannos' voice actor is phenomenal, and Canderous' solid. And I like the diversity and originality of the party members (a shape-shifting Jawa is pretty inspired).

Really, the only thing that sticks out poorly to me is the computerized voices, because there's no feeling and the rhythm is awkward. As someone said, it ever-so-slightly lessens the immersion factor. I'm wondering: was this to save time, or a response to a dearth in available voice actors? A real shame if it's the latter, as the game is definitely good enough to deserve their talents.

Anyway, in conclusion: thanks for following along with everyone's technical issues, and thanks for making what's been a tremendously fun game so far. I'd been looking forward to it since I heard about it a couple months back, and you've not disappointed.
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