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I'm not sure how I feel about arming teachers...I certainly wouldn't mandate it. BUT I know a few teachers who are CCWL holders and former military. One of whom carries his weapon on school grounds even though it's a violation. You'd never know it, because the only time he would take it out is in a situation where lives depended on it. So, perhaps allow teachers to make the choice as to whether they carry, and they must obtain similar training to police officers and yearly quals to keep the "School Carry" license.

I agree with you about the difficulty of taking a life. Though, I'm pretty sure most people would lose their empathy for someone who just gunned down a 6 year old, still it takes a rigid mind to take out a firearm, aim at a person, and pull that trigger. God willing, I never have to fire. But if I draw down on someone, I will fire if it's clear. If you aren't willing to kill them, don't even bother pulling the firearm.

I would prefer to see police officers at schools, or even returning vets. My school had two police officers at all times. I mean come on. We can have a police officer at every dang Walmart to protect the "Made in China" stuff that they sell, but can't afford to send ONE or TWO to protect the CHILDREN? Something is fundamentally wrong. And having a police officer there means you can have a faster response than dialing 911. When you dial 911, it takes 3 minutes for the first cop to respond, and up to 20 minutes to arrive on scene. When an officer calls in shots fired, the average response is 7 minutes. Still a long time, but better than 20, and you do already have at least one on scene.

We have fire extinguishers, sprinklers, fireproof doors, emergency lighting, alarms, and a whole slew of protections from fire in every school I mean even the walls are built of a material that will not burn. And not ONE child has died of a fire in a school in over 50 years. What protections from criminals have we put in to schools?

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