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Originally Posted by TJMFan View Post

I've been lurking this site, specifically this thread for a while now, and up til now, this mod has really met all my expectations. Great work!

I'm having a problem though. Every time I go to see Freedon Nadd, after "The General arrives" and the "true enemy shows its self" and all that, the game crashes right when I select an elite Sith class. No matter what I do this happens.

Then I realized that somewhere along the line, I had the Jedi Master class already on my char. I guess it happened at some point in my conversations with the Jedi ghost in that cave, but I had went to see Freedon Nadd since then and when he asked me to choose light or dark, I chose dark, so I assumed this would be fine.

Could that be causing some kind of conflict? *BTW, using the save game editor to remove the Jedi Master class didn't work*

I eagerly await your response. I'm dying to be a true Sith Lord. :P
Ah. I see.

To be honest, I think you might be out of luck. I don't think the Jedi and Sith classes are compatible. My fault really.I should have stuck something in prohibiting you from going back to Nadd if you start your training with Droma.

I'm afraid the only was you might get to be a sith lord is my loading up an earlier save and not speaking to Ulic Qel Droma for the final time.

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