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I know, this thread is old, and perhaps those who commented on the game are no longer active users here on forums, but I just wanted to say, that the game is notable even today.

It is rarely mentioned, but perhaps TPM was the first Star Wars game with so many NPCs (we can of course remember Yoda Stories, but it's different). Simply for this game they created dozens of models of aliens and droids, that had a very small cameo in Original Saga as well as Episode I. Not to mention some new species, that had no appearance anywhere in SW at all before the release of the game.

TPM had also an impressive dialogue system, that was surpassed later only by the KOTOR series. You could really choose answers and your choice would affect further events.

In any case I play TPM even these days, though not as often as 2-3 years ago, when I still had Win XP.
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