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Originally Posted by The Lord of Chaos View Post
Huge respect to all of you involved on the working of this mod. Also, huge respect for not forcing that canon **** down the players throats. I think that 7-10 years after Knights II is too long.

I mean, if Revan and the Exile have been alive all that time, then what the hell have they been doing? Surely a Sith civil war wouldn't last that long and surely they wouldn't be prisoners for that long. Other than that, great job.
One of the reasons for the 7-10 years is that RoR is telling how did the Jedi Order rebuild. What were the issues during this reconstruction. Was there conflict between the Exile's pupils and the old traditionalist - who are the surviving Jedi from the Purge.

Originally Posted by The Lord of Chaos View Post
I know about that. I'm hoping that any fan made mod ignores that crap. Revan, alive for three hundred years? The Exile, stabbed in the back, killed so easy?

Then BioWare decides to use a canon Revan and canon Exile ghost in their game. Leave canon out of the games, that should be a mandatory rule.

BioWare set the MMO 300 years after Knights II - they should've just made an entirely new story and the Revan novel should never have been made.
There is an option to have strict canon or to not use it.
Player gets to clearly choose this during the talk with Drayen in the opening scene. (was not in the Beta Demo)

Originally Posted by ShinDangaioh View Post
True. The Old Republic MMO did ignore previous canon. HK-47 was supposed to be on Mustafar until the time of Luke Skywalker, not killed off so quickly.<---Star Wars: Galaxy MMO.

Just ignore the MMO and all that is tied to it and go off into an alternate universe, like the white cloaked Vader.
We don't know what happen between the events in the MMO with Hk-47 and his arrival on Mustafar.
I'm sure there is a story or two there.

Originally Posted by Jaymen View Post
The Revan book and the mmo are a horrendous disgrace to the characters we know from the KOTOR games. Revan, one of the greatest military minds, described as "looking at him was like looking into the heart of the force". But in five years he is unable to escape from a cell, then spends another 3 hundred as a prisoner again. I'd be very happy if that book and mmo canon was completely ignored in revenge of Revan. Those characters deserve better!
I understand your frustration with the ending arc for these two characters in the MMO/ Revan Book.
RoR hopes to give you that closure.

Originally Posted by ShinDangaioh View Post
Since Taris is one of the worlds in the MMO, that could run afoul of Dark Horse Comics' major storyline of the Muur Talisman. IIRC the various MMO's are lower rank for canon than other sources.

Isn't Revenge of Revan supposed to have Zayne Carrick and Jael in it?
No, Zayne Carrick and Jael are not in RoR because I don't want to bring in these characters and have something contradict any future comics.

Actually I based the Player's freedom with LS/DS using Zayne Carrick (LS) and Cade Skywalker (DS).
So you can be that dark side Jedi/Force User or the very helpful Zayne. Cade is great with the idea of a character who is a force user and conflicted in what kind of person he wants to be; do you justify the use of the dark side force.

Originally Posted by Darth Hayze View Post
As a member of the RoR team, I can tell you that K3 crafts a satisfying conclusion to K2's story and that of Revan and Meetra, while utilizing the Revan novel AND bridging the "Knights" games to "TOR"

I don't want to give anything away, but there will be options to customize the story to your liking, and make those people happy who want to ignore Revan.
Thanks Darth Hayze

I have to get some more modules to you hopefully before new years or shortly after, for you to test/review.

Darth Hayze is one of the writers on the RoR project.

I hope everyone is having a great holiday season!


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