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Originally Posted by purifier View Post
I want 10 do-overs! Seriously! Especially in one instance, where I need to go back about 20 yrs and say: "I do not!" instead of "I do".
OK. Take the green pill. Only problem is you might get amnesia or at least very hazy memory because the present time for you will vanish and you don't get to keep your memory until you have reached this point again to evaluate whether or not to take another do-over.

Originally Posted by 90 SK View Post
I want a viz-polar bomber jacket, plane tickets to, to, and from Olympia WA, Muse and Amon Tobin DVDs, and cash money. And I want multi-vitamins and fish oil pills so I don't have to eat.
OK. First I want you to go out and get some wooden holland dance shoes and learn how to do their dance.

Second you need to grab a boxing getup like the jackass boys used in their skit, boxing in the sporting goods store and prep your buddy for the gig.

Then lastly dress up do your dance at times square followed by boxing your buddy (who has to be wearing a dress like Deborah Briscoletti from dragon quest 5).

When you are finished, clack your heels 3 times, saying "There's no place like boobiez."

Your presents will be under your tree.

Originally Posted by LDR View Post
And what do I want?

Show spoiler
OK. First, staple your tongue to a desk.

Second, glue tacos to your butt.

Third, run down the hall like that scaring people as you go.

Then when you finish with that, sing Mr. Bean's Version of "Row row row your boat" atop Mt. Tallac.

Your present will be located in the basement of the alamo.

OK everyone. It's been a jolly time. Merry Christmas!

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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