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OK. Well, tentatively I have some characters in mind. Not yet playing so they haven't happened yet. No pics. Will update.

Occupation: Bounty Hunter>Powertech...I think?
Gender/Species: Female, Human
Character portrayal/temperament: strong silent, cutthroat and down to business, running a tight ship
Server: Harbinger most likely...Juyo server and others got scrapped apparently due to lack of population.
Guild: none yet. Probably one of my own. Friend with inquisitor needs a tank.

Occupation: Sith inquisitor > undecided advanced class
species/gender: Human, female
Character temperment/portrayal: Anti-Hero, chaotic neutral
Server: harbinger (likely)
Guild: None, until advanced class is decided and other factors are determined how this one will fit in.

Occupation: Smuggler > unsure
Gender/species: Male, Miralian, maybe something else.
Character temperament: Smartass, total wise-crack, good luck getting him to take things serious.
Server: The Bastion (likely)
Guild: unsure as yet

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