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Originally Posted by Kuuki View Post
'Cards Against Humanity' (it's a spoof of apples-to-apples)
hilarious. absolutely hilarious.

but they bash the republicans quite a bit in that
I got the game also. I wouldn't play it with people who are easily offended or could react badly to someone making political commentary against their political leanings

In the main set out of 460 white cards only Three are bias against conservatives. Sean hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and Newt Gingrich. I hardly think that is bashing republicans "Quite a bit" unless you think any republican being bashed is too much.

On Christmas my Wife and I went and saw "The Hobbit" in the 3-D theatre. Now for me, after about a half hour my brain gets tired and I can no longer see the 3-D. This time I brought in some 2-D glasses and greatly enjoyed the movie. When they had the long shots, or action scenes I would have the 3-D on. when my eyes started getting tired i switched to the 2-D.

And yes i admit to crying when we had the scene with the Eagles. In my life if I could every ride a large flying creature like that I would be willing to do anything.

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