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Head issue

Hi there,

I'm a 'fresh new user" here, I played many years ago with some of yours stuffs (thank you guys !) and now, I want to start modding this game a little. I'm an ex-CG artist, so handling 3ds max, maya, photoshop... isn't the problem for me, but I've a problem when I use "MDLops 0.6.0 alpha 1" for binaries compiling the final .mdl.

I started to modify a head with help from some great tutorials founded here, but after 3ds Max export (the AuroBase is selected and others export things look good), when I import it in KOTOR, the new head is not at the right X/Y/Z positions !

So, for trying to understand after some hours to export/import tests, if it's my model or not ! I exported the PFHA01 model (PFHA01.mdl & PFHA01.mdx), convert it to ascii & recompile it to binaries and the result is the same, the head is not at the right position too ! :/

"Damn" I said in the first time ! After, I google and I found a tutorial about head replacement with HEX editing, copy/paste one or two lines from the source model to the new model, the result is better but not right again (when you don't broke the animation of the head model by copying too much HEX values...).

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I tried to find "Tania Replacer" tool, but I found only dead links.

So, my question is : How do you fix this problem in 2012 ?

Thanks in advance, if someone can help me !

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