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Angry why is so hard to create a password !!!!!!!!!!

Hello everyone!!!

excuse me but does anyone knowns why is so hard to create a password at the play for free section !!!! becoz when l try to create a password it always began showing password not available or invalid PLEASE !!! can someone tell me how to create a easy password becoz l'm stuck with this all MONTH !!!!!!!!!!!! and lt's getting anoying l just tipe random passwords and still password not available !!!!!! and l even trying to make a password just like writen in this "Password must include 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter and 1 number; cannot match display name or use certain special characters. " in the red stripe and still and still password NOT AVAILABLE rrrrrr!!!
can someone tell me a easy password becoz l never played TOR never !!!!! and if someone knowns please pm me so l can finaly try TOR please if someone can that is!!

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