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Did some more testing. Ok well for some very odd reason adding in this texture pack by itself(Everything including the plc files to) makes bastila's default clothes, particularly on the shoulders(Brown parts) somewhat transparent. This was tested with just this mod and none else. At first glance you can barley tell the difference however switch to her and take a look around with the camera and you will see that some of the background textures will be somewhat seen through her brown shoulder parts. I took out the textures and then it worked fine again, as a reminder the only mods being used was this one. Lol, pretty much everything in here is perfect and its unfortunate because this little detail really bothers me. I will do some more tests to see if just placing the plc files effects this character in this way.

Edit: Ok tried this both with and with out the plc files. It seems that any planet using these textures will do this regardless if the plc files are placed or not. Its not that big of a turn off nor is it very noticeable(well eventually it will be) but I think this should be looked into. I played this with an unedited save file with just the vanilla game and these textures. Even messed with the graphics option to see if perhaps that had some kind of effect.(Which it didn't really).

Edit: Also this happens to just bastilla. I have no idea why it does this, this was also tested on 2 pc's and the same problem occurs.
My guess is that one of the txi files is making the mesh on one of her shoulder thingy's go a bit transparent. Also will I need video to show you guys the difference?
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