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I was playing the main quest for HK-47's planet - the 3 spy droids.

I ran out of the cards and then i told HK-47 that i did kill the 3, he asked for proof where I had to choose- I don't have any. HK-47 then vanished. Don't know where he is and this breaks the Quest.

Other issue with the HK-47 planet quest.
HK-47 tells you they isolated the transmission but you are not told what it is?

So I'm walking running around not knowing how to do this, what am i looking for.
It would be fine if you use up the cards and and be given another way but you are told that either give HK-47 50,000 credits which is basically a wall since it would be almost impossible to get that cash and would i get 5 more cards or one? If one then you still can't complete the quest.

HK-47 tells the player to go back to another earlier save which is bad for 2 reasons.
1- You might not have an earlier save before the time you started the quest which means a player would have to start the whole game over- losing 6-7 hours of game play- this will make players walk away and not finish the game.

2- You broke the 4th wall and actually acknowledge that you are playing a game and there is a save option- this takes a player out of the game.

This needs to be fixed on a game design perspective since you are punishing the player and giving them no options in case they mess up.


Lower the cost for cards to 1 thousand or 500 per card.
The price needs to be something where it's a money sink for the player but also allow the player a chance to mess up and still finish the quest. To determine the cost, you must look at the number of these droids that are possible spies and ask if the player went and did a bad job and basically had to destroy all of them, what would the cost per card should be based on what would be the average credits a player would have on them after completing the other planets.

Other Solutions is to have HK-47 to give you a hint.
Or all the player to say forget the rules and destroy the droids till they get the 3. The number you destroy outside of the 3 targets will have an affect or a response from HK-47.
OR Have HK-47 mention which zones would have them and not spread them all over the planet since this leads to a lot of running = boring/tedious activity.

I'm giving you the heads up because If I had no saves before that moment of less then 3 cards and making it impossible for me to finish, meaning I would have to start a new game and lose 7 hours of gameplay, i wouldn't finish the game since I would be frustrated.

Please resolve this.

Easiest way is to lower the cost of the cards if you run out.


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