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The folder, though you could do either. I recommend the folder as it's better for organization - over 2,700 files.

That's something that only works for K2, incidentally. K1 can only read things directly in Override, as far as I'm aware. K2 can read stuff in folders.
Originally Posted by logan23 View Post

I'm Downloading it right now.

Great job!
Thanks. Enjoy!

Originally Posted by HOLLYNOOB View Post
can you make a tool for KOTOR?
I'm working on it, but it won't have as many features due to the game's limitations.

Actually, I'd be interested in any suggestions for the names of the items that are named after party members. I have no idea what to do for Goto's or Mira's. I think I have a handle on the others, though I haven't decided whether the holocron will be Bastila's or Jolee's.

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