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Re: Handmaiden 4 Females
Good Work. FYI: Not compatible with "Coruscant Jedi Temple" which is listed as TSLRCM compatible - obvious as both deploy a k_sup_galaxymap.ncs w/o replace option. As both sources are available, I've merged them, then pushed stuff around in your mod and added a namespaces.ini - such that the H4F installer asks whether it should do jeditemple compatibility (merged ncs, replace option). If interested: http://*** Should you want to republish using any of my lame ideas, go ahead. No need to credit me. <badjoke>Should you insist, then please credit "an anonymous hater of fori banning bugmenot accounts".</sarcasm>

Sorry about deleting the download link, the forum refuses my PM and I'll not publish it publicly without your consent. Direct attachments also forbidden - sigh.
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