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Originally Posted by Kingawa View Post
never passed cant get out of here:
Show spoiler
If you're still having issues, I'm afriad you'll have to be more specific.

Originally Posted by Col_Zechs View Post
Is it safe in this mod to change the class of a Jedi Character from Consular to Sith Lord?
I would not recommend it.

Originally Posted by Darth_Delator View Post
Trex, i realy enjoyed surprise from Nadd for a...darkside charakter (you know what i'm talking about;-)). The only problem is this piggy voice when he takes damage. Can you fix it - remove this voice or set another?
And still, option when Revan fights Kannos is bugged for me - can't get in the engine deck with my Doctor.
Sound like I accidently game someone a Gamorrean sound set. I'll add it to the bug list.

What combination of end events is causing you to get stuck.

Did Revan kill kreia and did you have Nadd appear you?

Originally Posted by TJMFan View Post
Found a new bug.

For some reason, when I'm looking to reunite all the Jedi Masters, I cannot find the Jedi Master on Aid Station. I know one of the doctors tells me she'll be in the "command center", but I can't find her. She simply isn't on Aid Station at all. Any idea what I've done wrong and why I can't find her?

I'm amazed nobody else has come across this yet btw. I mean this is a huge, glaring error that prevents me from finishing the game. Anybody else have this problem, or by some off chance is there something obvious I'm missing even though I'm doing exactly what the mod tells me to do?
One other person seems to have had the same problem. I'm looking into it.

Originally Posted by Sith Holocron View Post
Seeing as this was released as a beta, that seems likely.
What he said.

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