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Don't have pics yet but since I am on the Shadowlands server you won't see me anyways

1. Gorvaick - Human Male - Gunslinger lvl 50 - My main toon so far and only 50

2. Ahrika - Sentinal - Mirilan Female - lvl 25 - Was my second toon but kinda quit playing her, have her skills all at 400 and she just kind of crafts for now and does a little PVP at least until Valor 25.

3. Synfal - Red Twilek Female - Sith Sorceress - lvl 44 - Absolutely love playing her. She is my first healer to play as and am currently lvling her the most with my buddy's Maurader.

4. Am'berlei - Human Female - Commando Healer - lvl 19 - Been playing her when my buddy is not online. Wish I had gone with a shorter name or a different name but the 3 names I had picked out before that one were already taken no matter where I put the ' at.

Thats all I have right now no pics yet still figuring that part out.

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