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And now.....a rant to clear my thoughts...

For many years I have been a LOYAL customer of, and I am even an member.

Over the past couple of days Christmas came and went, Santa brings me a new computer with a new OS, Windows 8. I am no stranger to having a new OS. I have had pcs that ran Windows ME, XP, XP pro, Vista Home, (never owned Windows 7...sorry). While I still carry a torch for XP, the last best OS ever made....I still have to deal with the fact that Microjunk is going to keep changing the script so they can get the rest of your money. Now days unless you build your own PC, you get very little choice in your OS, if buying a pc off the shelf.

Anyways, I am not complaining about the OS itself. It is what it is. What I AM complaining about is the compatibility issues. Mind you, Windows 8 has not been out that long, however we ALL KNEW it was coming. Apparently, did not get the memo. If you go browse the site right now, I want you to look at a couple of things. In particular anything related to pc downloads. First look up about 3 PC games and tell me how many of them are Windows 8 compatible. Next, go the mp3 section, and look up the downloader which is REQUIRED in order to purchase and download mp3s. You will note, that the one device that is required in order to put your purchased media onto your computer also, does not support Windows 8. Just as a goof I decided to download it anyway to see if it might work, and of course there is compatibility issues. No surprise there. So now all of my amazon downloads from the past year, are stuck in virtual cloud space. Thankfully most of them are already on my iphone, but I shant be buying anymore mp3s from there any time soon.
This would probably not be a big deal, but Itunes is running fine with Windows 8. So is Star Wars TOR, and Star Trek Online.

So point is this, other people saw the writing on the wall, made modifications, and made sure things worked for us unfortunate Windows 8 owners. What excuse does Amazon have? I have already sent them an email about my frustration with not being able to purchase anything off the site unless it is stuff for my Kindle fire. Here is to keeping up with the times...
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