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Corsail used Variks push as a force of momentum to thrust himself as far as he could. He escaped the main force of the rockslide, however a few rock slabs smashed against his shoulders. The impact from rocks sent him smashing into the dirt.

He let out a groan of pain and tried to stand up. "My bones feel liked there cracked. You alright?" Just then he realised that Varik wasn't with him.

He quickly turned around to look at the huge pile of rocks behind him.

Was he crushed? He wondered.

"Corsail, help. I'm being crushed down here."

Corsail was surprised by the sudden noise his comlink gave off. He quickly snatched it up and answered. "Varik? Hold on i'll dig you out." The thought crossed his mind that he could let Varik die, but he dismissed the thought and instead, started digging away at the huge rock pile.

He grabbed his fathers lightsaber from his pouch and activated unleashing its yellow blade. He used it to slash through the rocks, making them crumble away into little pieces.

"I can't believe i'm doing this." He mumbled to himself as he slashed away at the rock pile.

Lets rock and role play!
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