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One of the reasons people were upset with Tim was to do with use of custom made content of others without credit or permissions, I am not sure if that has changed.

People also get put off when someone constantly gives dates for updates and releases over and over again and keeps pushing things back repeatedly. (but sometimes that's just the way things go in the modding community, that is why its better to be as vague as possible on a project release until you are done and bug testing)

Though I can honestly say that I enjoy the mod, mainly because of the easy to use add npc system included (which made it easy for my son to set up and save battle scenarios and play them, even when he was younger)

As far as the credit and permissions are concerned, we once had a similar problem on the freedom Reborn forums (freedom force content site)

What we did there, was put up a permission list where people would decide if they were to permit others to modify and re-release their content, basically giving written consent. Most people respect that.
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