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Originally Posted by Trex View Post
I'll be honest, I've read through your earlier post and have no idea what happened.

Do you know when the second Canderous turned up?
If I remember correctly it happened right after I took Kannos into my party.

On another note, I think it might be caused by some of Shadow's persuasion checks, i.e. asking about his past. I have no idea why this would influence anything though. And most people don't seem to have this problem... I think. He works fine on the player ship though. He's just not selectable after I recruit Kannos and after the "encounter" after finding Revan and Kannos being removed from the ship Kannos himself still stays selectable in the group albeit with his normal lines.

And by the way Kannos has a personal quest!? What personal quest? The walkthrough spoke of it.

I am back.
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