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You're all getting it wrong, they're ALL characters owned by LucasFilm Ltd. and THEY can do whatever the hell they want to them. And in this case, they allowed BioWare to write them into The Old Republic.

As I said before, if this isn't to your liking, adjust your PERSONAL CANON to block all of this out and it would never have happened in the first place. After all, none of this actually happened, it's ALL fiction. You are allowed to pick and choose what you think is relevant and what you think isn't.

I mean, this is why fanfic writers exist, so they can dip into their own pool of personal canon.

And to be blunt, what you're asking them to do makes absolutely no sense. As stupid as their decisions may be, the owners of the properties gave them the right to do what they wanted to it. End of story. They were commissioned to make a game and they decided to use these characters regardless of whether they created them or not because LucasFilm/LucasArts allowed it. And they are the masters of the Star Wars universe as far as we're concerned. They have all the right to do what they want, even if someone doesn't agree... besides, how are they going to please every single person on the planet? They're trying to make a game, not try to conform to the wishes of every little individual, that's impossible. |

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