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Sevairis's lightsaber dropped down and easily deflected the blaster bolts being fired at him but was forced to stop hitting Corsail with force lightning. He quickly force jumped backward and grabbed Corsail through the force and slamming him repeatedly into one of the canyon walls.

"Make...Make it stop!" He whispered painfully as he felt the other presence within his mind suddenly lose most of it's hold only to return a moment later at full strength.

No. You will serve for the rest of your life. the voice whispered back.

Outside Republic HQ

"Are all of us going? Someone should stay with Kif, right? And we still need to pick up the supplies that everyone needs, though that may wait until we take care of the disturbance."

Zarev looked over at Kif and nodded. "I'll stay with Kif but I don't think that only one of us should stay here. I've been feeling something...odd from some of the troops stationed here. Almost may find this odd but It feels almost as if there's someone else with them in their heads."

He shrugged his shoulders. "I could be wrong though."

The sound of a speeder starting up and quickly taking off made Zarev look up in surprise. Also, Avriela was nowhere to be seen.

"I think one of us just took matters into her own hands. Avriela is gone, and one of the speeders just took off."

En route to Canyons

Avriela was planning on what she was going to do even as she rode towards where she could sense Corsail, Varik and the dark presence was. The dark presence she was feeling was strong...very strong. She could sense both Corsail and Varik were still alive but if they were fighting something this strong than it was a good bet that they wouldn't be alive for long.

Hold on Vaik...I'm on my way. And Corsail, if we survive this you better be grateful that I saved your paranoid backside.

She could tell that she was getting closer, the canyons were just ahead. She could also see strange flashes of blue and red light ahead.

Most likely lighting and blaster bolts...she thought.
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