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Originally Posted by Darth Avlectus View Post
Then what would have been the catalyst for his realization of just how terrible Emperor Vitiate was?
Winning the civil war amongst the Sith empire and having the ability to consume worlds like Nihilus could, only worse. Only people could get close enough to him to challenge him without instantly being harmed, because he isn't some wound in the force.

Anyway, I agree, my story is flawed. That is not the story I would have gone for, though. I would've gone with KotOR III. Revan and the Exile wouldn't have failed at all. The civil war would've weakened the Sith to the point where a weakened Jedi, Republic and Mandalorian clans could challenge them.

The player would travel across four worlds searching for whatever it was that lead Revan and Malak to the discovery of the true Sith empire in the first place. He/she would eventually travel to the unknown regions and help Revan and the Exile defeat the true Sith.

This would not be done alone, of course. What was remaining of the Jedi, the Republic and the Mandalorians would have helped the PC, who would have been a former Padawan from the Jedi Civil War who "switched off the lightsaber" as Atton puts it but returns to fulfil his/her destiny of defeating the emperor. So much for the "great war that comes" as Kreia predicted. Yeah, 300 years later...

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