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Immunities to Damage Types Or Effects? (Enemies)

(I'm new to SWTOR, so bear with me, please.)

I've read some articles detailing types of damage (elemental, energy, kinetic, internal), saying that internal and elemental damage completely bypass armor.

1. So what I'm wondering is, why doesn't every single player (at least those who spec DPS) go for internal- and elemental-damage powers? Are there enemies with immunities to certain types of damage? (For instance, is "internal damage" non-applicable to droids?)

2. My secondary question is this: When it comes to effects, such as stun and immobilizing, are any enemies immune to these? Looking at some of the powers available for some classes, some powers specifically say they only stun standard/weak enemies (therefore not strong, elite, or champions), but others merely say stun. Would that mean this latter type will stun any enemy in the game?

Please note, I'm primarily asking about PvE, though any thoughts on PvP aspects are welcome too. Thanks! ^-^
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