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Originally Posted by Al_Ciao View Post
Miltiades: On the wiki, it does in fact say that it is internal and kinetic damage that bypass armor, but that's the only place I've seen that. Both this and this article say otherwise. I'm inclined to trust them over a wiki anyone can edit, but of course I could be wrong.
I think you're right. In fact, seeing as Internal and Elemental are really the same damage type (same goes for Kinetic and Energy), it wouldn't make much sense otherwise.

Drawbacks of internal/elemental damage? Well, while internal/elemental damage isn't mitigated by armor, there are other means of reducing these types of damage (buffs, skills - the Consular's Force Valor buff, for example, reduces internal/elemental damage by 10%). As a rule, when you're faced against enemies with high armor, you pick internal/elemental damage over kinetic/energy, while the opposite is true against low-armor enemies (MMO-Mechanics explains it in more detail).

Also, as far as I know, most internal/elemental damage comes from DoT skills (not all), meaning bleeding, burn effects, etc. These need to be applied and especially in PvE where you're dealing with a lot of 'weak' and 'normal' enemies, it can feel tedious. It's against stronger enemies that these skills really shine.

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