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But it's complete horse**** that canon is a necessity for storytelling in the video games. I'm not talking about the novels or anything else, just the games. Look at what Obsidian did with TSL. Did you not like the story in that game?

Here's how I would have done KotOR III. Set two to three years after TSL...

A civil war breaks out between the Sith, caused by destabilisation of their leadership as a result of assassinations of key leaders. This gives what remains of the Jedi, the Republic and the Mandalorians a chance to defeat the Sith. The new PC was a Padawan from the Jedi Civil War who "switched off the lightsaber" but returns after his/her homeworld is attacked by the Sith. The PC travels across the galaxy, searching for whatever it was that lead Revan and Malak to the Sith in the first place. The PC finds the Sith and defeats the final boss. Revan and the Exile play a background role fighting the Sith. You never physically see them or hear them speak in the game, you only hear about what they're doing from other people who are in direct contact with them.

The end.

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