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Am putting this here because I don't know if I can become a member to the Walking Carpets website even tho I am not a member of the WC guild so I will ask this here.

On the Walking Carpets website you guys have been adding what to do with certain classes as for how to use the skill tree and what items are best and such things.

On the Gunslinger one by Mav he mentions 2 BIS Relics in Dread Guard Relic of Boundless Ages and Dread Guard Relic of Dark Radiance as Best In Slot Relics.

Now I have been told repeatedly you want to boost your main stat as high as possible as it gives bonuses to your other stats so why wouldn't the Matrix Cube that gives you 88 Cunning be considerd as a BIS Relic for the Gunslinger?

And I just want to say I appreciate all the things you guys do on that website as it has helped me level my other toons to be the best they can be.

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