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Republic HQ

"None of you can speak, being in stasis, but I know that all of you can hear me. It seems as if someone is trying to control you through the Force, manipulating your minds. Who is it? Think the answer if you can, because I'll be able to sense it. I am a Jedi, here to serve."

No...I must not be revealed! Not yet. I have hoped to use you and your men to spread my influence to the rest of Balmorra, but it appears I won't be able to. Die my puppets, die.

The group of republic troops behind the lead trooper suddenly began to blink rapidly. The eyes of all of them began to turn red as blood vessels began to rupture.

No... The lead trooper thought to himself. The jedi...needs to know whats...happening! He thought urgently.

No. You will not reveal me!

This...This is my mind! The trooper thought back as he briefly took back control of his mind even as his blood vessels began to rupture.

A man! he thought rapidly. A dark cloaked man! He came to Balmorra weeks ago...did something to my squad! Infected us with some sort of force affliction! Took over our minds and forced us to spread whatever it was to the others!

His vision was quickly turning red and he knew that he was going to die any moment. He brought up the mental image of the man that he and his squad had seen that night. A tall man...wearing a black cloaked robe. A man with force powers that he had never before seen. A man with a silver lightsaber hilt.

You fool! Do you realize what you have done?!

Y-Yes...I've given them a fighting chance. the trooper thought as his eyes closed for the last time.


Sevairis looked at the new combatant and shook his head rapidly as his gathered a massive amount of force lightninig in his hand and launched it at Varik and Avriela even as he reignited his lightsaber and threw it in a spinning arc at the two of them.
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