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New Consoles/Gaming machines

The current console market, in the coming months, is set to deal with some significant developments, with the Ouya due for impending release, the Steambox confirmed, and the Nvidia Shield, just announced.

Over in the corner of 'traditional' consoles, Microsoft plans to unveil the Xbox 720 at the next E3, and Sony is suspected to announce the Playstation 4 at a press conference in February.
Nintendo has already stepped into the next (perhaps now 'current') gen of consoles with the Wii U, released last month.

It looks like the traditional triple-monopoly is facing a barrage of upstarts on all sides - PC gaming, handhelds, and even their unbreached 'home-turf' of living-room consoles (while already dealing with the rise of mobile gaming).

What do you think, if anything, is going to happen to console gaming in the coming year?

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