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Very well thought out!

The thing that most KotOR players would appreciate is the chance to meet up with Revan and the Exile and see the end of their stories. It's also cool, the various choices you get between LS and DS, with same planets other than the one training planet.

I like the idea of the Exile wearing Nihilus' mask. She recovered it, after all, and there is that link from them; most importantly, it helps maintain that sort of anonymity the KotOR PC's have.

I also love how you worked in the relatively obscure planets of Khar Delba and Khar Shian.

My one criticism would probably be the origin of the KotOR III PC. In both KotOR 1 and 2, the PC was a storied character with a background, who once possessed great power and has to relearn it. It would be very cool to continue that tradition with the KotOR 3 PC.

But all in all, very good! Thumbs up!
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