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I just reached Legacy Level 1 at level 25 or so. o_O Still have a while to go lol. But I've unlocked Punch wooooohoooooo -__-

I actually don't know too much about legacy upgrades or whatnot.

Yeah, I can see how getting crafting materials would be expensive quick. I'm f2p (at least for now, that may change), so I only get one skill slot. I chose slicing, so I don't have any crafting to buy things for or gathering things to sell.

What's the point of crafting anyway? Flashpoint drops end up being better than anything craftable, or so I'm told, and it's a grind and expensive to get good at it. Might as well just buy crafted stuff off the GTN...less of a grind that way. xD I don't even bother with that. Like I said, commendations and drops have done me well.
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