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Okay, so now that you opened it up, bear with me.

I would like to entertain ideas for how mass shootings could be avoided in the future, and to be honest, I only see one solution that would actually work. That is as the NRA has said, have someone armed there to stop them.

Lets run through the reasons gun control will NOT work.
Make guns illegal for everyone: Aside from the fact that the majority of gun owners are simply law abiding citizens who you are now punishing for no reason at all, the real problem is that there is no way to get rid of all of them. Lets assume that a really high percentage of legal gun owners just roll over and turn in their guns. Say 99%. The remaining percentage of 1% means at a minimum of 3million privately held firearms will remain. Guns last a long time. I still have my great grandfather's octagon barrel repeating rifle from the 1800's. Soooo it really only stops the law abiding from owning the firearms that they may have had in their family for generations.

Get rid of "Assault Weapons" for everyone but cops: Why? Because they aren't good for self defense? As a buddy of mine who was in Iraq said, "I always kept my pistol on me. It's what I used to get to my rifle." A rifle is better than a shotgun. A shotgun is better than a pistol. Think about it, you are saying that the gun the media has been saying is a very effective killing tool would not be good for home defense?

Get rid of high capacity magazines: Sounds great and all, but there are an unknown number of high capacity magazines on the market, and in private hands. Most people I know who have one high capacity magazine have several. Magazines can last for decades at least. And if they wear out, it's not difficult to repair them. really. it's a simple box with a spring used to push rounds up to feed the weapon. Besides, even if you ban the high capacity magazines, the gunman just keeps firing and changing mags until he runs out of ammo, or someone with a gun stops him.

Get rid of these automatic weapons: Um... go online and try to purchase an automatic weapon. It's not cheap. It takes better than 6 months to get. approved for it, and even then they go through a very strict process to transfer one to you... Oh and the reason they are not cheap: they have been banned since the National Firearms Act of 1934. which required a tax stamp and registration. With the FOPA of 1986 they stopped allowing new automatic weapons to be registered.

Please spare me the "We don't want a shootout at the schools." It's already going to be a shooting gallery. How well can you shoot if someone is shooting back at you? And if the gunman turns to take on the guy with a gun, GREAT! He's not shooting at KIDS! Besides, that assumes that the gun owner who likely took the same kind of courses I took would ignore the fact that if he misses and hits someone else, he is STILL LIABLE FOR THEIR DEATH OR INJURY! The murdering b****** doesn't care about getting sued or prosecuted. HE'S ALREADY BREAKING THE LAW! The law abiding person with the gun MUST think about the possible repercussions of his shots missing. That's why even though (at least) 3 people had legal carry permits at the Giffords shooting none of them shot Laughner. One even came out of the store drew a bead on a guy with a gun, and didn't fire because he didn't know for a fact that the guy with the gun was the bad guy. Turns out it was one of the people holding Laughner. If you fire your weapon at someone and don't know for a fact that they are the bad guy, you WILL face charges. You WILL be arrested. And at a minimum you will end up with a felony which will preclude you ever owning a firearm again. It's not like the movies.

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